Welcome to your heart-crafted wedding ceremony.

As a non-denominational wedding officiant in breathtaking Monterey it is my privilege to celebrate your love and commitment by creating a ceremony that sparkles with sacredness, magic and fun.

What is your vision?

How do you want your ceremony to feel?

Here is what a few couples say about the ceremonies they created with me:

“Zia has a gift for bringing humor into the ceremony in just the right way and contrasting it with the solemnity of taking our vows as partners for life.”
Brett & Phil

“Despite our tight timeframe, Zia delivered an absolutely beautiful ceremony in our little circle of redwoods. Everything she did and said from start to finish felt so natural and graceful. The way she told our story and her positive energy helped us have the most special day of our lives. Zia went above and beyond what we could have possibly expected!”
Ferdaws & Michael

“We are so grateful that we found Zia! From our first contact to the pure joy of our ceremony, Zia helped us create the experience we envisioned. She took great care to be sure that everything was just right and a true reflection of us. Her flexibility and generous spirit met us all the way!”
Stacy & Ellen

“There are those who are masters of their profession. Zia is just that. From the beginning, she asked the right questions that mattered, crafting the entire ceremony around who we are as a couple. She ensured we soaked ourselves in the moment so that we could remember it forever. Zia made the world of difference and we would love for her to be part of all the milestones of our lives.”
Steve & Anna

How do we get from the first inklings of how you want your wedding to feel, to having a ceremony that totally delights and satisfies?

We begin by listening to your hopes and dreams. I’ve been doing this for a very long time and will give you prompts that activate imagination and vision.

As wedding vows are personalized and mindfully crafted with my expert guidance, your intentions come alive. Beyond creating a deeply authentic ceremony, the very mission of your marriage is being cultivated. Clear and harmonious elements begin to take shape within the elegant ceremonial infrastructure provided.

When great care is taken to give voice to who you really are, the ceremony can draw the precious love and support of your family and friends right into the blessing of your union. As you cross the threshold of two hearts becoming one there is magic in the air; that which is indescribable in words shimmers and everyone feels truly blessed!


One more thing…

For those who want to feel especially grounded in the power of your partnership on your big day and beyond, I also offer a five-session premarital counseling package based on the well-respected Prepare-Enrich program.

Premarital counseling with Zia is a great way to have some of the conversations you don’t even know you should be having prior to marriage.”
Denis & Heather