I invite you to jumpstart your marriage with a handful
of virtual premarital counseling conversations.

We will focus on your core strengths as a couple as well as engaging opportunities for growth. The Prepare-Enrich (P-E) program, which has served 4 million couples world-wide for 35 years and counting provides a wonderful structure to support the alliance you are building together. Even one session plants seeds you can cultivate at a later time. Or choose a five session P-E journey and fortify your partnership with communication fundamentals known to build a vital, long-lasting relationship! It would be my honor to be your guide as you gain ever greater traction as a team.

Highlights from Brook and Adam about their premarital counseling journey

Virtual meetings with Zia: Zia created such a relaxed atmosphere in our virtual meetings. It was the perfect environment to work on our relationship. Zia is non-judgemental, calming and positive even when talking about the hard stuff.

Our Couple’s Report: The Prepare-Enrich ‘Couple’s Report’ was truly enlightening and all of the sudden some of our arguments made sense! Zia helped us tackle the things that were most important for us.

Fine-tuning communication brought us even closer: Understanding the importance of being specific and assertive in communication and honing these skills together has made us a stronger team!

Impact on ceremony: During our ceremony we felt so connected to one another and to Zia. The rapport we’d developed during our premarital counseling was evident to all of our guests. Folks commented that the feeling of the ceremony was so personal, intimate and natural.

Marriage is a team sport: Marriage means signing up for the most important team of your life. Although we’d been together over 5 years, our 5 meetings with Zia made our unit stronger than ever and we cannot wait to officially ‘tie the knot’.

“Zia is a cheerleader for your marriage! We learned a lot from a process focused not only on the wedding, but on ourselves and our relationship.”
Brook & Adam

Photo Credit: Dellon Thomas (top), Navjot Kanda (middle)

“Thank you for helping us build our foundation and invest in our relationship. It means the world!”
M & B