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Couples say that they’re more excited about their wedding ceremony
once we’ve rehearsed! Why not start the party early?

The rehearsal gives us the opportunity to fine-tune the staging of your virtual or in-person wedding, make adjustments and solve unexpected glitches ahead of time. Practicing the steps of your ceremony helps everyone participating familiarize themselves with the specific details involved. This provides wonderful reassurance that you, your family and friends are relaxed, prepared and in the know!

Here are some remarks from couples and their families about their rehearsal experience:

“The sense of rapport and familiarity we’d developed with Zia during our rehearsal and premarital counseling sessions created an incredible experience end-to-end. My wife and I were able to just bask in the moment because the entire ceremony flowed seamlessly.”
H & D

“During our virtual rehearsal with Zia, she painstakingly adjusted details in response to our feedback and the changes we wanted to make. She made sure all our family and friends felt included in our wedding ceremony.”
Lacey & Adam

“Zia is warm, accommodating and masterful in engaging the various needs of the rehearsal, which made the wedding ceremony flow perfectly.”
Joan & Steve (Mother and Father of the Groom)

“During our rehearsal Zia covered all the basic steps that we and our family had to know without overwhelming us with too many details. Our ceremony was absolutely flawless!”
Ushnish & Nithya

Photo Credit: Allie & Reg Moss Media Carmel

Photo Credit: Allie & Reg Moss Media Carmel

If you would like to talk with me about including the rehearsal as part of your wedding package, I would be delighted to discuss this option in greater detail. Rehearsals help everyone feel more comfortable, confident and connected on your wedding day!