Your love story is the heartbeat of your ceremony.

Marriage is a celebration of the magic, mystery and indescribable reality of love. Whether in the intimacy of an elopement-style wedding or in the embrace of family and friends I will bring your love story to life with genuine warmth and respect. Your ceremony will evoke the unique connection you share and the vital power of our human capacity to love.

The story begins.

Amanda and Isaiah’s journey together began when Mandy’s college “Semester at Sea” buddies set her up to meet someone who was not Isaiah. Not impressed by her intended date, Mandy’s attention was immediately drawn to someone else as he walked through the door. That someone was Isaiah.

On their first official outing, Mandy accidentally snapped off Isaiah’s car door handle minutes into their meeting… and also mentioned multiple times that she was carrying pepper spray. Undeterred, they continued to test drive their relationship.

The following year Mandy and Isaiah visited the Bay Area, setting the stage for an action-packed adventure in which the pair uprooted themselves and crossed the country together. Their epic trek to California included three days of not being able to see the Grand Canyon due to a huge snowstorm, yet they arrived in bright spirits.

As their bond continued to deepen they realized that they were ready to take their relationship to the next level. Isaiah proposed at Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur against a backdrop of breathtaking beauty…and Mandy said “Yes!”

The private “Elopement Ceremony”

“Zia not only represented our personalities and relationship perfectly, but also found a way to mix our interfaith backgrounds.”
Amanda & Isaiah

“We are an interfaith couple who planned to have a big family ceremony, yet also wanted a quiet elopement preceding the larger wedding. Zia is our officiant for both and helped us clarify the special meaning the civil ceremony held for us in the context of our larger wedding journey.

We were delighted with the eloquent ceremony Zia performed steeped in personal meaning. She set a sacred tone and it felt so intimate and joyful! We can’t wait to be married surrounded by our family and friends and are thrilled to continue to work with Zia!”

A year later:
The wedding ceremony with family and friends

“We felt confident and comfortable with Zia as our officiant. She helped us articulate what marriage meant to us and then shaped a ceremony that reflected our values.

Talented at balancing meaningful moments with light-hearted anecdotes Zia was creative, thoughtful and available to talk through nuanced decisions. We felt our ceremony couldn’t have been more beautiful and our guests did too!”

Reflections from the Mother of the Groom

“Our son and his bride were recently married in a ceremony that will grace our lives forever. The beauty of the ceremony was that Zia truly represented the bride and groom, while also honoring and accommodating the families that were coming together through them. Her words touched everything from the warmth and humor of their relationship to the deepest spiritual aspirations held by the couple as they inaugurated their life journey together.”

Photo Credit: Mike Allebach