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Celebrate your forever love with an uplifting and heart-felt ceremony.

I’ll provide a clear step-by-step structure that lends itself to a fun collaboration! Your love story, quirks and values will be woven into a seamless flow that feels true to who you are. Brimming with joy, simplicity and a dash of levity, your ceremony will capture what you treasure about each other and what your marriage means to you.

“Zia guided us through a unique process to explore and define what marriage truly means for us. Her approach brought our intentions to life and helped us fully appreciate the sanctity of our union. Zia’s focus was not about formality and traditions, but rather about connecting hearts, embracing sacred beliefs and having fun.”
Mikhail & Motoi

An interview with Anna and Eric

We chose Zia to be our officiant because of her genuine spirit and transparency. She was always wanting to know more about us and we found that extremely refreshing. We became even happier with our choice as we began to see just how involved and thorough she was. Zia made sure things happened exactly as we’d envisioned.
The ceremony was amazing! Regarding preparation, Zia provided a guiding hand every step of the way. She made us feel calm and ready. We had no doubts about her or what would happen during the ceremony. And we learned so much, not only about the wedding process but about ourselves and our relationship.
It was an extremely reflective process. It got us to take a step back from our busy lives and really reflect on our relationship. It helped us to connect with one another and appreciate how far we’d come. We couldn’t have been happier with the opportunity Zia gave us to tailor our wedding vows in this way. From beginning to end it was an amazing experience.

That she was able to capture and express the essence of our relationship as well as find graceful ways for our families to feel included. Zia was incredibly inquisitive and thorough, patiently helping us to discover and be true to what really mattered to us.

1. Be prepared to open up about yourself with Zia as well as with your significant other.
2. Take advantage of the opportunity to be very specific about what you do and don’t want.
3. Be ready because Zia brings A LOT of energy and enthusiasm to the table.

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“Zia listens and guides with tremendous kindness. She is patient and knowledgeable. In our ceremony Zia communicated our feelings about what marriage means to us in the most beautiful words.”
Rachel & Pouya

We create your perfect wedding ceremony through a series of virtual meetings:

Crafting your ceremony

Free Initial Consultation Our first conversation is key. I listen to your hopes and dreams and use this information to offer both in person and virtual ceremonial options which I believe are in alignment with your vision. We will also review the practical logistics of working together.

Second Meeting We dive into the key ceremonial elements and discuss unique ‘personal touch’ options. This deeper conversation serves to create an intimate, authentic and personalized ceremony.

Third Meeting In this meeting we make sure that you feel completely confident about each and every ceremonial decision as well as the administrative details of obtaining your marriage license.

Fourth Meeting This final conversation is an opportunity to address last-minute questions and assuage any concerns you may have.

Rehearsal A virtual or in person rehearsal is integral to your overall wedding experience and makes the ceremony itself more successful and fun. Memory-making begins during your rehearsal with opportunities to bring families together and enjoy friends while still leaving surprises for your big day.

Fee Determination The total fee depends on several variables such as the complexity of the ceremony, the rehearsal and the travel involved. The fee will be determined following our initial consultation.

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Here’s my promise: your heart-crafted ceremony will be filled with your love, your voice and your values.